Staff Directory


Dr. Christina Livingston, practice owner, graduated from Bald Eagle-Nittany High School in 1979 and from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in Music in 1983. After a short stint teaching music in the Northern Tioga School District, she returned to college at Mansfield University to complete the prerequisites to enter veterinary college. Taking the “long way around” has never been a regret for her. She graduated from Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995. She was employed by the Wellsboro Small Animal Hospital as an associate veterinarian for three years and returned to Clinton County in 1998 to start the Animal Medical Center of Central Pennsylvania, initially on Grove Street in Lock Haven. Dr. Livingston lives just outside of Lock Haven with her husband, Jeff Frank, two dogs, two cats, and her pet koi fish. She enjoys kayaking, music, hiking, snowmobiling, mowing fields (yes, really!), cooking, traveling, and spending time with her grandchildren.

Lance Kramer, VMD

Dr. Kramer is a 2017 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.  He joined the staff of the Animal Medical Center of Nittany Valley on July 1, 2019. A native of Mill Hall and a 2007 graduate of Central Mountain High School, Dr. Kramer earned an associate’s degree in electrical and computer engineering from the Pennsylvania College of Technology, before transferring to the Pennsylvania State University where he completed his degree in animal science. Dr. Kramer is married to Anna (Antram) Kramer, also a 2007 graduate of Central Mountain High School. They are the proud parents of a daughter, Leah. Additional family members include a mini dachshund, Petey and a Bischon-mix, Bri.  As an avid outdoorsman, Dr. Kramer enjoys hiking, hunting and traveling. His family property in Rote keeps him busy with tending to the many fruit trees planted there.



Gaylene Sweeley, practice manager, has been employed by AMC since shortly after it opened in 1998 and is an invaluable help to both Dr. Livingston and Dr. Vance. She has assisted the practice to grow from three employees to the ten that are now required to keep pace. She and her husband of over 35 years, Wayne, have raised 2 sons. Jarrett, who recently earned a bachelor’s degree in marine biology, and Jason, who is a Doctor of Podiatry. She enjoys gardening, boating, kayaking, Penn State football, and her young grandchildren in her free time. Dr. Livingston confesses that the practice would never have been successful without Gaylene’s wise guidance and oversight.

Shelly Hoover, certified veterinary technician, graduated from Manor College with an associate degree in veterinary technology in 2003. After a two-year stint at a referral practice, she joined the staff at AMC as lead technician. Her venipuncture technique has given her the title of “best vampire”, a skill which both doctors appreciate. Shelly, whose love of cats and dogs is obvious, has also brought goats and rabbits to the hospital to have various procedures completed. Her love of the outdoors keeps her kayaking, hiking and biking when the weather is agreeable. Books occupy the rest of her “down time”.

Jamie Simcox joined the staff in 1999 and serves as lead veterinary assistant in the evenings. She displays a marked soft spot for older patients. Her frequent, “You're going to kill me, but…” usually indicates that she’s made room in our schedule for some hard-luck case who is calling late. Jamie lives in Farrandsville and enjoys gardening and cooking in her spare time. And, of course, nobody is going to “kill” her for doing the right thing for a needy patient!

Carrie Peters, veterinary assistant, resides in the countryside with her husband, daughter and two crazy Labrador Retrievers. She is extremely conscientious and detail-oriented. Outside of her full-time work schedule she enjoys hiking or driving through the mountains. Free weekends find her with her family camping, likely at her favorite park, R. B. Winter. Carrie has been on staff at the AMC since 2006.

Amber Watkins, veterinary assistant, is a lifelong resident of Clinton County.  Her joyful personality is contagious.  After hours, she is working on-line to become a certified veterinary technician.  She and her husband, Danny, live in Mill Hall with their son and daughter, two dogs and two exuberant cats.  Amber has been employed by AMC since 2008 and is the manager of the Renovo Clinic.

Kayla Rhinehart earns the award for “longest commute to work” since she resides in Williamsport.  Kayla joined the staff in 2014 and is training as a veterinary assistant.  Her four-legged family includes two cats and three Brittany Spaniels, a breed to which she is very loyal.  In her free time, Kayla enjoys kayaking, campfires, goose hunting, spending time with friends and family and time spent at the movies.


Alyssa McGraw  recently earned her associate degree in forestry from Penn College where she is employed full time as a groundskeeper. Her love of animals has kept her on staff as a valued veterinary assistant and receptionist.   In her spare time she enjoys professional football and her Miniature Schnauzer.

Marble came to us from a SPCA worker who knew that she was on the “next to go” list. At the SPCA, she had been allowed to raise her kittens, but when that was done, she was scheduled to be euthanized due to the fact that her leg had been deformed by a traumatic incident (prior to arrival at the shelter). We amputated the limb and obtained a sweet cat who can jump onto windowsills and race through the hallways.  Even though she is missing a limb, she still has the ability to “put a hurtin’” on Annie.  Clients often fail to notice her handicap.

Annie, also known as Evil-Lynn, is not the best public relations agent that a veterinary practice could have. She’s been known to give a little “love nibble” when she’s had enough petting. On the other hand, she’s also been known to jump onto a bench with a client and be completely sweet and charming. We all love our little Jekyl/Hyde cat and serve her as she sees fit!