Bathing & Boarding

The downstairs area of the AMC facility is dedicated to bathing and boarding dogs and cats.

On the canine side, we offer a seven run fully heated and air conditioned kennel area with indoor and outdoor runs. The outdoor runs are individual, with no shared spaces.

The flooring of the indoor run area is raised and plastic coated. Blankets are provided. Dogs do not sleep on concrete unless, of course, they choose to do so during the day when the outdoor run area is available to them. All dogs are secured inside for the night.

Dogs are leash walked outside three times daily, with the exception of Sunday when they are walked twice.

The kennels are generally quiet and kept impeccably clean. Routine inspections always garner praise from the Dog Law Enforcement officer in charge of these required reviews.

Cat kennels are separated from the dog kennels by the laundry room so any barking is generally not heard there. Six cats can be accommodated.   Individual play time is granted as often as is possible.

Bathing of dogs can be scheduled on certain days of the week, as time allows. Although we would love to cater to the wishes of our clients, we are still a veterinary hospital first and a boarding/bathing facility second.