Animal Medical Centers of Pennsylvania, LLC – Renovo Clinic

This satellite clinic was opened in July of 2013 in response to the needs of the residents of western Clinton County. The drive from Renovo to Mill Hall, for many pets but especially cats, was an extremely unpleasant experience. Many of our new Renovo clients confess that they simply had stopped taking their pets to a veterinarian due to the proximity problem. Some hadn’t been examined in years.

Deb Tarantella, a client and owner of the grooming facility and pet store aptly named, Tarantella’s Sudsy Pup, had asked on several occasions if Dr. Livingston wished to rent the back area of her storefront. After several years she looked at what the back area had to offer. With its separate entrance, ramp and good layout, it had quite a bit to offer!

The practice offers out-patient services including wellness exams, vaccinations, nutritional advice and some pharmaceuticals. The office stores no controlled substances, nor anesthetic agents. Other services such as diagnostic imaging, surgery and dentistry are accomplished at the AMC of Nittany Valley location. Laboratory specimens may be gathered or submitted at the Renovo clinic, but are transported to AMC of NIttany Valley for analysis.

Dr. Livingston is quick to admit that this office could be busier, but it’s doing okay. But for those patients who haven’t seen the inside of a veterinary office in years, it’s great!